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Sustainable Energy

L'Monte News:

L’Monte has been awarded CA Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) funding for their proposed Building Energy Standards Modeler Software and Demonstration Program.

As the prime contractor and major software developer, L’Monte has put together a team highly qualified in building energy simulation and standards, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO,  Taylor Engineering, Heschong Mahone Group,  and Rob Hitchcock & Associates. Work on the contract will begin midyear 2009.

Recent Presentations by Diane Pepetone:

Requirements Modeling Full Day Workshop

California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA

Survey Seminar on Requirements Engineering

UC Berkeley Wireless Center, Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA

Requirements Engineering Tools for Project Management

Project Managment Institute NorCal Pharma Local Interest Group, UC Berkeley

Building Objectivity into Market Requirements Throughout the Product Lifecycle

NorCal PDMA Microsoft Campus, Mountain View, CA

How to Make Acceptance Testing a Time for Celebration

Software Development Best Practices Conference, Boston, MA

How to Get the Software You Need from an Outsourced, Multi-disciplinary Project: Tools and Techniques that Work!

Beyond Genome 2004 Conference, San Francisco, CA

Making Lemonade from an Outsourced Project Gone Awry: Lessons Learned, Best Practices Defined

Software Development Conference & Expo West, Santa Clara, CA

Sciences Headlines for Saturday July 13th, 2024:

Earth's shrinking crust could leave us living on a water world
The end isn't exactly night, but in a couple of billion years, continental crusts could erode, making the land sink under the oceans

Doctor you: Home diagnosis gadgets are here for real
Diagnostic apps, wearables and bedside devices are about to go mainstream – but will they empty the doctor's waiting room, or send people stampeding to it? (full text available to subscribers)

We have lift off! 3D-printed robot jumps six times its height
Selecting which of its three pneumatic legs fire, this gizmo can point itself in the direction it wants to go

Climate vice squeezes bumblebee habitat from north and south
Despite being unable to survive the rising heat in the south, bumblebees in America and Europe are mysteriously failing to shift north to compensate

Training boys to recognise another's fear reduces violent crime
Young offenders are less likely to be violent in future if they take a computer course that teaches them to spot fear, anger and sadness in others' faces

What the sun would look like if you had X-ray vision
A new image of the sun combines three views to reveal its activity in a new light

Zoologger: The sex-addicted tiny lemur with giant testicles
The northern giant mouse lemur has the biggest balls of the primate world, compared to body size, and seems to have sex all the time, doing without mating seasons

Animal brains connected up to make mind-melded computer
The power of rats' and monkeys' brains has been pooled by wiring them up. If we could do the same with humans, it could allow non-verbal collaboration

It's good that climate change is on the agenda for big business
Money talks, so it bodes well that companies and investors are realising that climate change will hit them hard

My guidebook aims to slay climate science's uncertainty problem
With crucial climate talks approaching, finding the right language for climate predictions is vital to counter those belittling the science, says Adam Corner