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Why You Should Contract With Us

We know there is plenty of good software talent out there. Yet what sets L'Monte apart is that we combine extraordinary programming talent with excellent communication and project management skills. And that combination is much harder to find.

Here's how we work:
We combine solid software methodology with the flexibility and speed of the agile programming credo. We tailor this methodology so it works for our client.

We keep client projects on track through the use of weekly status reports, biweekly presentations of current project status, secure web-accessible project databases for tracking requirements, issues, defects, and schedule, and continuous communication via email and telephone. (Plus, we can manage software teams composed of any combination of your in-house software staff, our employees and strategic partners plus any other staffing companies that work for you.)

Every project is assigned a team member designated as the "Customer" whose job it is to represent the customer's point of view at all points in the project development process. This team member maintains close and continuous client interaction to ensure the very best product results.

We keep our software development team in the league of experts by constantly honing their skills as better methods, languages or software tools come along. We regularly hold internal seminars on new technologies. Our team members also attend external software development trainings and workshops to improve their skill sets.

We are committed to managing software as a major corporate asset. That’s why we protect our clients’ confidentiality.