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Easily track requirements throughout the entire project life cycle

Clients who contract with us for requirements management services also get licensed access to L'Monte projectBOT™, our secure, 24/7 web-based project-tracking tool.

From marketers to programmers, projectBOT™ was designed to address the specific communication and management needs of everyone involved in developing a software project. It serves as a “meeting place” to spec out, manage, and implement all information related to the project. It easily tracks requirements throughout the entire life cycle including use cases, requirements hierarchy; change requests; defects and acceptance testing.

projectBOT™ keeps the entire team on track and delivers predictable outcomes by eliminating the gap between up-front specifications and final code. In fact, projectBOT improves the way the whole development team works together, resulting in increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

projectBOT™ Features:

  • Full requirements tracking capabilities including:
    • Requirements records with file attachments
    • Defect tracking with file attachments and links to effected requirements
    • Use case records with file attachments
    • Acceptance criteria records
    • Implementation spec records
    • Change request tracking linked to related requirements
    • Audit trail of all record transactions
  • Define and manage user roles with different levels of permission
  • Search capabilities including wildcard searching
  • Print/export capabilities
  • Customizable project glossary
  • Keeps users informed of changes via an email alert system
  • Project/user count is configurable, based on client needs.
  • Includes free upgrades during the contract period
  • Provides secure web-based access 24-7
  • Web hosted capabilities including,
    • Web-based access using Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
    • Nightly backups
    • Disk storage up to five gigabytes including file attachments
    • Secure SSL certification and password-only access  
    • On-line support for reporting problems and adding feature requests
  • Exit services including:
    • Exporting all projects to CSV format
    • Archived data delivered on writable CD
    • Purging of project databases

If you are interested in requirements management services and projectBOT™, please contact us