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A Passion for Supporting the Sciences

It has always been our dream – you could even say our life passion – to make a positive and lasting contribution to the sciences through the creation of cutting edge software. We believe the sciences hold great promise for developing solutions for sustaining humanity now and in the foreseeable future.

This is why David J. Spyr, founding partner of L’Monte, began his career studying electrical engineering and nuclear physics, and later studying computer science and energy sustainability.

And this is why Diane S. Pepetone, the other founding partner of L’Monte, early in her career, chose to teach science to junior high students,  and went on to pursue studies and a career in information and computer science.

In 1987, L'Monte Information Services, Inc. started as a partnership between Diane S. Pepetone and David J. Spyr.  At the time, we provided services in software development, information management, and on-line research. We were based in Iowa City, Iowa and the majority of our business was in the mid-west. In the summer of 1989, we moved the business to the San Francisco Bay area; the following year we incorporated L'Monte in the state of California.

Initially the majority of our projects in the Bay Area were in the biotech industry, developing software for medical research instrumentation which helped illuminate researchers understanding of diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis C, and improved the ability to diagnose them.

In 1994 L’Monte began a return to its roots in the hard sciences when we decided to explore using renewable energy to power our software development projects.  This resulted in relocating L’Monte 125 miles north of San Francisco to a parcel of land which was not on the power grid.  Once here, we developed a solar powered electrical generation system with monitoring software to power the business.  This was also the beginning of L’Monte’s growing involvement in the energy industry.   

Today L’Monte works with state energy agencies and utilities commissions, DOE national laboratories, and private companies on projects ranging from software for building energy standards and energy efficiency simulations to using the requirements engineering with state agencies to develop policies regulating energy efficiency and smart grid initiatives.