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The power center battery room

One of the gritty realities of solar power is that it drops to zero when the sun sets or is hidden by clouds.  The traditional means of storing solar energy is in large battery banks.  If you are close to the electric power grid, a better solution is to sell your excess electricity back to the utility company.

Someday, there will a better alternative, such as hydrogen storage. Until then we have to rely on banks of 900-pound lead-acid batteries.  They are inefficient, expensive and crude but, for now, indispensable.

This is a view of the power center battery room where we can store over 4000 ampere-hours of energy for a rainy day. The energy in these batteries is what powers L'Monte at night or whenever else the sun isn't shining.  Of course batteries must be recharged even when sunlight isn't available.  That leads to an even more gritty reality ...
Backup generators

Battery room

Heavy, inefficient and high-maintenance - but, for now, essential