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Converting d.c. from the solar panels to a.c.

A well-designed solar electric system, backed by a husky battery bank, has inherently high reliability on the d.c. side.  However, the point at which power is converted to a.c., which is the responsibility of the inverters, is a potential weak point. Sudden, unpredictable overloads can cause the inverter to shut down.  The current  inverter subsystem, our third-generation of inverters, is visible as the black panels in the relay rack at the center of the picture.

This ExelTech MX system provides 8 kW of steady-state a.c. power and can sustain momentary overloads up to 16 kW.  In the first 11 years of operation, our a.c. power supply shut down unexpectedly just three times for less than 10 minutes per episode.  That's five-nines for a.c. power availability.

To keep an eye on all of this, we depend upon our ...

Remote power monitoring server
High-quality inverters are essential for a reliable system