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Sustainable Energy
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The future ... a saner, cleaner world

Twenty years into our dream, we are still a long way from the sustainable energy future we want to live in.  We still have to run propane-fired generators when we can't get enough sunlight and energy storage is far from ideal.  We seem to be moving glacially toward efficient, affordable hydrogen fuel cells (and it doesn't help to see our fuel cell stocks tanking!)

Still, we know that change is inevitable.  As Nobel laureate Richard Feynman used to say, "You can't fool nature."  We are running out of cheap petroleum and, more significantly, of places to dump our greenhouse gases.  Many of the big players, like the automotive manufacturers, seem to be taking the hydrogen economy seriously.  So we remain hopeful that, in another ten years or so, we will be making hydrogen with excess summertime solar power and storing it for winter use in pollution-free fuel cells.

That will fulfill our dream of a sustainable energy future.

A saner, cleaner world
This view from our deck helps us remember why clean energy is so important